New Opportunities

Good Morning, love ya. May this new week bring you new opportunities, healing, rest, peace, the favor of God and love

Blessings ✌️


God’s Goodness

Good afternoon. May your day be prosperous. May God’s favor follow you. May you be granted God’s peace. May your day overflow with God’s goodness and blessings

Be Filled By God

Good Morning! may you be filled with God’s glory. Walk in God’s guidance. Think as God would. May your decision be made before God. May your steps be steady and sure.
Blessings ✌

Who’s Report Are You Going To Believe?

Whose report are you going to believe? I believe in the report and word of the Lord. When I was faced with this finding on my cervix I didn’t fret, worry, nor become anxious and cried. I told my doctor all I can do is pray and trust in God.

At that time the New Orleans Saints lost their football game due to a missed call by the refs. So the doctor said pray for the Saints too we laughed and I said I will pray and I was serious too.

As I stood upon the word of God and kept going about my daily activities I didn’t have a chance to worry or feel bad because I preoccupied myself daily with the word of God along with other daily activities I would do. The day has arrived for me to do my follow up. As I arrived home from work my husband tells me our daughter been vomiting up everything and she mentioned that her stomach hurts really bad. Sure enough she walks up to me says mommie and and their comes out the vomit. We cleaned her up headed to my doctor appointment signed in at sat down. I mean she began vomiting back to back and having diarrhea all over herself. So a couple of nurse’s comes and says what’s wrong with her. We didn’t know exactly but that she keeps vomiting and diarrhea. It became so constant the nurse says April we’ll just reschedule you go take care of her. I said all I came for was my results have the doctor call me. She agreed took down my number and said I’ll have him call. I said thanks.

Returned home to clean my little 2 year old toddler up then headed to her doctor. Doctor said to her hey my friend Aaronlynn she wouldn’t even look nor respond to Him. He said oh this is not you at all. He examined her she has this stomach virus that’s air borne which should clear by tomorrow God spare. As for the diarrhea that will run it’s course. Picked up her meds went home and my phone rang it was my doctor he says well darling I have some good news for you that polyp came back non cancerous I said oh thank the Lord. I was so happy and kept thanking God.

I stood upon what Isaiah said that by God’s stripes I’ve been healed plus Paul said to me that ounce been healed already.

I believe the report of the Lord!! Hallelujah Thank You Jesus

Only Believe

To believe in the word of God you need to know God for yourself and have a personal relationship with Him. You’ll need to acquire faith and trust in God. You’ll have to know that God’s word will come to pass and accomplish what it was promised to do. God’s word will never change nor fail you. God’s promises are always true. God’s word holds tremendous power. As you believe in God and His promises so shall it be unto.

Faithing It Through

My faith has taken me to a new level in God. My faith tells me I can move mountains, push my troubles away, have hope and take me beyond my wildest imagination. My patience helps me to see God act upon His word which helps me to believe more. My heart helps me to respond in a way of thinking of other’s above myself and love them. My smile helps to brighten up one’s day. My prayers helps me to stand upon God’s love, God’s faithfulness, God’s goodness, God’s grace and guidance.

Lord Remind Me

Lord, when I think the wrong thoughts help me to change my thinking pattern and renew my mind. When I become anxious Lord remind that I cannot rush your timing instead help me to enjoy your presence of peace and calmness by saying a prayer, have quiet time, listen to worship music and submit unto you. During the waiting period remind me that your timing is always right and always right on time. When I began to worry cause me to hear your still small voice and make worry flee. When I become tired Lord, endow me with your strength. When I get in a rush of thing’s help me to slow down and endeavor your wonderful creation. When I tend to forget your precious promises and presence help me to recall your treasures that are stored within my heart and know that your Holy Spirit dwells within me.

Receive God’s Peace

May you attain the peace that God gives. Accept His joy that He so graciously gives. May you develop in God’s love. Bud in God’s new mercies and grace every morning. I hope you bloom in forgiveness. I hope you enjoy God’s presence besides you.

Blessings ✌

God and Satan

Did you know that God and the Devil held a conversation about you? As it happened to Job. It also happens to you and I. What makes you think that you’re exempt from being the topic of discussion between God and the devil?

I’ll use me as an example here to show you and then I’ll give you bible for it to back me up. Satan asks God for permission to test me. It was permitted but God didn’t order my adversary to test me. Back in 2014 I purchased a dodge charger 2010. I had a pretty good income coming in every two weeks over 800 buck’s. My car note was 317.82 insurance was 115. Rent 32 due to the fact I had obtained school credit because I’ve graduated from college. I believe satan said if these thing’s are taken from April she won’t seek you like she has been. Take a look at Job 1:1-12.
January 2015 I lost my job due to being laid off. Following that I lost my apartment, mind you I was also expecting my first baby. Afterwards my car I returned because I was no longer able to make the payments which I had a year left of payments.

Just like Job held his integrity in God I also held onto my integrity. When those events unraveled it actually drew me closer unto God. I began seeking God’s face more than before, calling upon God like never before. Praying was also involved along with my crying and anger not understanding why that happened to me. I admit I was upset with God, but as I began to mature and get a revelation of what and who I was becoming my perspective changed. I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today had not I went through those takeaways. You see the enemy meant it for my bad but, my Abba Father meant it for my good. Genesis 50:20, Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28 NLT