This morning was such an amazing day, if you’ve been following my blog you’d know that my little princess has been under the doctor. Well, this report isn’t to boast about myself nor my baby. It’s to get the attention of man to show how God has been with us every step of the way showing himself mighty and strong 💪 now that’s the kind of God I serve. I give God the glory, honor, and praise because it is He who has been holding true to His promises. It is for me to believe have faith along with confident trust in Him. I do not serve God for what He does or His gift, but I serve Him because of who He is and from the pureness of my heart ❤️

We had a doctors appointment in the early morning hour’s my daughter and I rode with the transportation company. So on yesterday when I received the phone call whom was going to pick us up, I said out of all the people it could have very well been anyone but God sent us a sweet kind hearted, loving woman of God to us. I had the most wonderful first time ride ever with their company. She and I talked the entire way there about God and some of the stuff I have been dealing with. I believe God used her to speak those words to me they were uplifting, encouraging and gave me motivation. God is always right on time when He does things in our lives. She wasn’t just a random lady she’s actually a family friend. Mrs. Debbie I truly do thank you for such beautiful words that you’ve spoken. She and I knows that nothing just happens by accident with Gods children it’s all a setup.

thank you heart text
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He’s an on time God

We arrive to the doctor visit and God has yet done it again. Above and beyond what I could have asked for. The nurses comes in and visit with us. We’re very happy to see how well she’s progressed. There was actually this one nurse that wanted to take my daughter home with her lol. One of the other nurses says may I have a hug 🤗 so Aaronlynn gave her a hug and she was super excited the other nurses she finally gave me a hug and y’all didn’t get one lol.

Doctor walks into the room and says well look at how well you are doing, you are completely healed. I said thank God! A nurse tells me I done such a wonderful job taking care of my baby. I said thank you and I thank God. Pebbles which is my lil toddler nicknames one of the many that she has. She’s now able to play outside and enjoy the outdoors again. To God be the glory! There’s a praise on the inside of me that I won’t hold in.

Praise on the inside

There has been so much that God has been doing in our lives I can’t tell it all. Besides I have to be careful of what I release out into the atmosphere because the devil is lurking and everyone won’t be genuinely happy. So with that being said just watch God work! It’ll be revealed once it’s manifested in the earthly realm I got it in the spiritual realm. Some of you won’t even believe it when you seeing it visually with the natural eyes 👀 I believed the report of the Lord and I received…

Praise him in advance



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